Light Gray Solid Sinker Cotton Fabric

Light Gray Solid Sinker Cotton Fabric

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Color- Gray

Width-72 Inches/180 cm

Fabric Composition- 100% Cotton

Solid Gray Sinker Fabric 

This fabric can be used for casual or daily comfort wear as a shirt, skirt, top, kurti, kurta or salwar suit.

Cotton Knit Fabrics are a single knit cotton fabric that are known for its strength and softness. Because of how the fibre is knit there is a natural elasticity in the fabrics without using stretch fibres like elastane. Knitted Cotton Fabric is recognized as the fabric used to make t-shirts, leggings, atheleisure clothing, but cotton knit is also sometimes used to make bedding and sheets too.
Cotton knitted Fabrics are low maintenance fabrics and do not shrink and get wrinkled. Cotton knit is Multi-functional, versatile and a light weight fabric. Cotton knit is very absorbent and super breathable with well structured drape.