Green Oval Glass Beads (16x14 mm) (4503006773317)

Green Oval Glass Beads (16x14 mm)

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Material - glass.

Size - 16mm long and 14mm wide

Unit - 20 pieces/packet

Glass beads are classic beads that are made up of Glass. It can be used in all types of jewelry items and can also be sewn over apparels. These beads have a resilient coating that allows them to last longer and prevents it from losing its color. These decorative Glass beads add an element of design and a fashion quotient to the product, they are added to. These beads can easily be used in beading, crafting and embroidery designs. They have an extremely smooth surface with a glossy finish. They are being used heavily in creating jewellery designs, bag designs, shoe designs and on high street fashion products such as women's tops, jackets, bottom wear etc.

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