Dark Gray Designer Circular Glass Buttons

Dark Gray Designer Circular Glass Buttons

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Size- 64L / 40 mm

It has 2 holes.

These are only used for show purposes, they do not fulfill the purpose of the proper button.

These handcrafted Show buttons are designed by some of the finest artists. These Show buttons can add a unique flair to your clothing and will especially suit Indian wear, ethnic women's wear, and men's ethnic wear. They are ideal for crafts' hobbyists and casual designers. Glass Buttons add a design quotient on your tops and blouses. Buttons are used as fasteners to interlink two separate pieces of fabric. These buttons are light in weight, colorful and are available in various shapes and sizes. Buttons can be used as embellishments on different products to increase their aesthetic value; and these can also be easily sewn on fabric. Buy buttons online from the latest collection of buttons.