Blue Opaque Oval Resin Sugar Beads

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Colour – Blue
Shape – Oval

Though they look like glass, but resin beads are fused with plastic and are very lightweight. Traditionally, resin beads were handmade in Java, Indonesia. Now they are produced by mixing liquid resin with a hardener and color, they are then poured into molds or onto sheets. These beads are lightweight, durable, non-toxic and colorfast. They look like glass beads, and most have a frosted glass appearance, though some have a glossy or matte appearance.
They can easily be complimented with other beading material and embroidery material to add elegance in any design. The shapes and vivid colours deeply enhance products by adding chromatic colour to the beadwork. These lightweight and economical resin beads are useful in jewellery designing and various decorations.

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