Black Cream / Off White Dots And Lines Design Cotton Ikat Fabric

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Package Of
100% Cotton Fabric | Ikat Weaving
Colour- Black- Cream
Sample Fabric/ Swatch- It is a small piece of fabric used to judge the quality of the product. To request for swatch for a particular fabric, Contact us.
Width :- 44 inch
Thread Count - 2/40 * 20
Care : Handwash / DryClean | Hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent

This is an authentic tied and dyed handwoven ikat. The variations in the fabric are proof enough that is a real ikat and not a printed one. Ikkat is a process in which either the warp yarns or the weft are dyed before weaving or dyeing the fabric. Achieving symmetry in the weaving process is extremely difficult. However, becasuse of the complex weaving process, artisans achieve striking blurry patterns that are known to be the identifying factor for this fabric. It is suitable for Dresses, Kurtis, Women's Top Wear, Skirts and some Men's shirts as well.
*Fabric once cut for orders is not covered under our standard return policy

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