Black Corduroy Fabric


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Colour- Black
Powerloom Fabric
Pre Washed Fabric. +/- 3% Shrinkage. Wet & Dry rubbing fastness - Minimum 4
Width- 56 Inches / 142 cm
Corduroy Fabric
Corduroy is a textile with a distinctive pattern. Modern corduroy is composed of tufted cords. It is considered as a durable cloth. Corduroy is used to make jackets, trousers, dresses, and shirts. It is considered as a cool weather fabric and comes in a variety of colors. Corduroy is a structure on the fabric. It can be made up of natural or synthetic fibers, but mostly it is made up of cotton. Corduroy is a breathable fabric and it absorbs and releases moisture quickly. Corduroy is synonymous with royal garments and kid's school pants. It can be machine washed and ironed at high temperatures.

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