Black Circular Flat Back Glass Stones (Without Hole- 7 mm)

Black Circular Flat Back Glass Stones (Without Hole- 7 mm)

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Size- 7 mm

Coloured glass stone without hole that looks amazing on garments and is a style element on accessories.

Glass stones are classic stones that are made up of Glass. It is used for pasting only. These stones have a resilient coating that allows them to last longer and prevents it from losing its color. These decorative glass stones add an element of design and a fashion quotient to the product, they are added to. These stones can easily be used in beading, crafting and embroidery designs. They have an extremely smooth surface with a glossy finish. They are being used heavily in creating jewellery designs, bag designs, shoe designs and high street fashion products such as women's tops, jackets, bottom wear etc.