10.5 inch Heavy Duty Scissors

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This pair of scissors looks great and is great to use. Extremely sturdy and strong, it is used for high grade cutting. Their handles are also made of high quality hardened steel for great use and are an imported pair.

Tailored scissors and trimmers have brass handles for proper hold on fabrics. While blades of scissors are made up of funner steel, the blades of trimmers are made up of carbon steel. Scissors are used to cut through heavy fabrics like denim and leather; while trimmers are used for cutting threads and yarns. However, blades of trimmers and scissors are tapered from one end; blades of trimmers are rounded from bottom to prevent the fabric from snagging. . It saves time and effort. Bottom blade of trimmers is rounded to prevent snagging of the fabric. Handles of scissors are designed in such a way that they fit comfortably in hand.

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