White Flamingo Objects Printed Poplin Cotton Fabric

White Flamingo Objects Printed Poplin Cotton Fabric

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Width- 58 Inches / 148 cm

Fibre Content- 100% Cotton

Printed Cotton Poplin Fabric.

Cotton Poplin is a strong fabric in a plain weave of any fiber or blend. The quality of Cotton Poplin fabric is very fine; it is durable and has a fine ribbed texture. Printed Cotton Poplin fabric is perfect for making shirts, dresses, lightweight jackets, and skirts. Cotton Poplin fabric is of high quality because it is made with cotton or cotton and polyester blend for ease and comfort. Shirts made up of Cotton Poplin printed fabric are easy to iron and it does not wrinkle easily. Cotton material is finely spun and highly twisted, which makes the cotton fabric durable and strong. Cotton is a smooth and breathable textile. It can be easily dyed into several colors and can be used in various silhouettes.

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