Blue Multicolur Flower Printed Rayon Fabric

Blue Multicolur Flower Printed Rayon Fabric


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Width- 58 Inches / 148 cm

Printed Rayon Fabric

Rayon has a smooth, comfortable texture that feels soft to the touch, similar in comfort to natural fibers like cotton and linen. Rayon fabrics are widely used in ladies' dresses, sarees, blouses, socks, Kurtis, and make furnishing such as bed sheets, curtains, blankets, etc. Rayon fabric, also known as viscose fabric is versatile and is as comfortable as natural fabrics. Printed cotton fabric offers attractive prints because of the characteristic quality of rayon fabric. Prints on rayon fabric look alluring on dresses, suits, and jackets. Printed rayon fabric is an affordable material that comes in a range of colors. Prints on rayon fabric are naturally very bright and the fabric is very smooth, giving a soothing effect to the wearer.

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