Black Floral Embroidered Monga Silk Fabric (4568118952005)

Black Floral Embroidered Monga Silk Fabric

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Width- 44 Inches / 112 cm

Thread Embroidery on Monga Silk Fabric.

Polyester silk fabric is a blend of polyester and silk fibers. Polyester fibers add extra strength to the fabric and make it long lasting. Poly silk is extensively used in making shirts, ties, blouses, formal dresses and in high fashion garments. They have authentic prints that look alluring on the wearer. Moreover, its low conductivity keeps warm air close to the skin, during cold weather. Polyester material used in printed polyester fabric tends to be slippery and it is naturally shiny. Resistance of this material to chemicals makes polyester material very durable and fit to be used in the fashion industry.

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