Golden Crimp End Clasps

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Jewellery Making Foldable Cord Wire Iron Crimp End Guards 11x4mm Rectangle Gold Color (Pack of 140 Pieces, 20 Grams Wt)
Clasps are the devices that are used for fastening two or more things together. They are an integral part of jewelry making that are designed in such a way that it holds the jewelry in place. Clasps offer both, functionality and style and they complement each jewelry design. Clasps can be an accent with your jewelry piece or they can be the actual focal point. They are a beautiful way to complete your jewelry projects and they can also be used for DIY jewelry making. Clasps can also add a unique vintage look to your necklaces and bracelets. Clasps form an integral part of jewelry making and designing. Various types of clasps you can buy are toggle clasps, lobster clasps, barrel clasps, magnetic clasps and spring clasps.

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