Cream Green Floral Birds Digital Printed Velvet Fabric


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Width- 44 Inches

Full of wild plants and flowers, this multi-color Floral Digitally Printed velvet is sure to add an element of fun to any garment.

Velvet is one of the softest and smooth fabrics. It is used to make a variety of clothing like bed sheets, curtains, covers, etc. Velvet looks classy and adds richness to the product that it is used in. Velvet fabrics need less maintenance and can be easily washed and dried. This smooth and luxurious velvet fabric adds elegance to your garments and it is comfortable to carry. Velvet fabric is generally made up of silk yarns but it is occasionally made up of cotton fibers. It is recommended to dry-clean velvet fabric. Buy high-quality velvet fabric online on The Design Cart.

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